Interview with Rodrigo


Rodrigo is from south Brazil. He did his DTS in Curitiba, Brazil and his outreach in São Paulo, Brazil. You can follow Rodrigo on instagram: @rodriultracapulus

How did God call you to Spain?

I knew that I would come to Europe, but it wasn’t clear where I would end up. This became clear to me when I met a friend that was a missionary in Spain. He helped me discern that God was calling me to Spain.

What is one thing that you like about Santiago de Compostela?

The diversity of people and nations that are there, above all, in the summer.

Do you have a favorite restaurant, park, or café? What do you like to do in Santiago de Compostela?

The restaurant that I like is La Galiciana, there are many food options and a nice atmosphere.

What is your favorite quote of the moment?

Uff, there are many! Ok, here is one:

The fear of committing an error is also an error.

What is one thing that impacted you on The Camino de Santiago?

The generosity and vulnerability of the pilgrims.

El Camino de Santiago

Tell us, what is God teaching you in this season?

Having a faith capable of taking risks.

I think that we are living in hard times and many times we stop because of fear—a fear that stops our faith.

I think that faith capable of taking risks is not about not having fear but being able to manage it. All of us at some moment had or will have fear and I think the difference is in having faith capable of risking and knowing how to manage it during the process.

What is your passion in life? How can we help you in this?

To prepare/drink coffee, traveling, and getting to know people.

These three things for me have a special value because they involve people. The coffee tastes better in good company. Traveling becomes more wonderful with friends. Getting to know people is sharing memorable life experiences.

We are in the process of opening a café in the future with the clear purpose: Be more than a Café. People can help in this project by praying and also giving financially so that it can become a reality.

What is your favorite pastime or sport?

I love soccer, making coffee and watching videos on the internet.

What is one thing that you have learned during the Quarantine?

That an ordered routine con perseverance can help me complete my daily goals easier.

What is the first thing that you will do after the quarantine ends?

Go out to the street! 🙂 Find friends, value what we didn’t have during the quarantine.